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Feeling lonely

The sense of loneliness is becoming ingrained in our culture. A study, by popular media outlet Vice, find that the number one fear of youngsters, above anything else, is actually being alone. Not only is loneliness dangerous for your mental health, but it also has a significant effect on our physical wellbeing – so much so in fact, that it can have the same impact as smoking a packet of cigarettes a day and rivals the impact excessive drinking and obesity has on the body.

How our lives affect us

For those of us that are working, the changing patterns of work life are also a contributing factor. With our busy working, and family lives, it can be hard to make new friends or extend our social circle. ChatFriends is a great place to socialise when you are feeling lonely. Some members are looking to chat and make friends, whereas other members use our chat room as a kind of therapy. This is specifically useful if you are shy, have confidence issues, or just simply want to remain anonymous. You can get different opinions from people, or even give great advice yourself, not forgetting helping rid yourself of loneliness.

Did you know?

23% of people in the UK admit they are either always, or at least often, feel alone or isolated. Worryingly, the most common age group for feeling loneliness is those in their teens and early twenties.

In 2017 there were 192 million people living with a mental health disorder. That is an incredible 10.7% of the entire world population who are suffering with their mental health, with loneliness being one of the highest.


I have been using ChatFriends for a few months and it's a lovely community. Highly recommended for any feeling lonely or looking to chat online.

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ChatFriends is a community where you can just be yourself and just chat, and our goal is to make sure that nobody ever has to feel alone.

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