Online Safety

Tips to help make your chat experience safe and fun!

Creating your profile..

Try to be anonymous

Do not include your surname, year of birth, or use any other identifying information in your username.

Do use contact information

Do not include your contact information in your profile such as your telephone number, email address or home address. This also includes your social media profiles.

Protect your password

Never reveal your password to anyone! The ChatFriends team or moderators will never ask for your password. We also suggest to change it once a month for additional security.

Chatting to our members..

Keep communications in ChatFriends

Avoid connecting with members outside of ChatFriends. If you have to connect with a member, do so with caution! ChatFriends does not screen members and we ask that members do their own research when arranging to meet up with a ChatFriends user.

Never send money

Do not send money or give your bank details to anyone! ChatFriends will never ask you for your bank details or request money from our members.

Report any suspicious behaviour

If you see someone acting suspicious on ChatFriends, please report this straight away by using our online contact form.

Keep a watch out for scammers

Chat rooms are a very common place for scammers to operate. If you suspect you are trying to be scammed or someone else you know, please contact us immediately!

Protecting our younger members

As a parent, or guardian, it is important for you to understand how your teen communicates with other people online. It can be difficult to know when new websites come online, and how quickly your child will find and start using them to chat to people they do not know.

Before setting up ChatFriends I was shocked to see how many children there are in chat rooms across the UK, and how easy it was for a random online stranger to exchange messages. Because there are so many chat room websites out there, that have not correctly implemented safety features to look after younger users, we have added different protective measures to make sure they are safe when using ChatFriends.


During different times of the day, we have verified VIP members who monitor our chat rooms. A ChatFriends moderator has the ability to delete information in the room, mute and kick users from the chat room if necessary. We also have verified admins who are invisible that also keep an eye on general member activity.

Private Messages

ChatFriends does not allow guests or basic members permission to send or receive private 121 messages! We have reserved this option for VIP members who have a paid and verified PayPal account. Having the private message system turned off will deter adults posing as children and children sending messages to users they do not know.


At this current time ChatFriends does not support webcams. We will be adding this feature very soon but again, this option will be for VIP members with a verified PayPal account.

Photo Uploads

Unlike many chat rooms online, we do not allow users to exchange images in private unless they become a verified VIP member. This helps protect our younger members from sending and receiving images to people they do not know.

VPN And Proxy Connections

A VPN or Proxy connection is a commonly used online service, website or phone app that hides the users real IP address. We do not allow such connections in our chat rooms. Users found to be using this type of software are automatically banned from ChatFriends. Although some VPN connections are genuine and can be purchased as part of an Anti-Virus package, we strictly forbid users from hiding their true IP address. All incoming IP connections to ChatFriends are checked by a private company, before they are even allowed to access and connect to our chat rooms

Account Removal

If at anytime you would like your child's ChatFriends account deleted, please contact us through the main website contact form, where we will be happy to comply. We can also apply a ban to your IP address to stop him or her using our service again.


Monitoring your child's online behaviour and browsing habits can be difficult, and although we have implemented protective measures to ChatFriends, the best measures are always to make your child aware of dangers of being connected socially online.

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