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Parenting and advice

Parenting without a doubt is complex and often very frustrating. You may have questions about your child’s behaviour, emotional wellbeing, or mental health. There is no written hand book when it comes to parenting, it all boils down to trial and error. Every child and parenting method maybe different, but you will soon see after chatting to some parents on ChatFriends, issues you maybe suffering with are very common.

Single parent families

We have many single parents that come and use ChatFriends. They may pop in for a chat, looking for advice, and other times they will provide tips and guidance to our members. If you're really stuck, and looking for professional help, there is a charity called Gingerbread. Gingerbread are a leading national charity working with single parent families across the UK. For more information, please do consider visiting their website.

LGBT Parenting

Another strong topic often discussed on ChatFriends is LGBT parenting. The challenges of parenting are exactly the same, but sometimes there are additional concerns which may arise. Concerns like, being accepted into society as a same-sex parent, worries that your child maybe being bullied at school, because their family life is set up differently. What ever challenges you face, you can be sure to find support online, and not forgetting a friendly person to chat with, here at ChatFriends.


I no longer feel alone! I have made some truly amazing friends here, and love being part of this community.

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