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Founded in 2018, ChatFriends was created as a safe place for genuine people to chat online without the hassles that come with chatting in public chat rooms.

Since the launch of ChatFriends, we have met some truly amazing people, with a large number of original members still active today.

Our community offers a place where you can just be yourself without prejudice or discrimination. Our promise was to make sure that nobody ever had to feel they were alone and always had a place to chat no matter what their sexual orientation, health problems, disabilities or religious beliefs are.

After a few years of being online, our members know we continue to keep our promise and rate ChatFriends as one of the best online.

Why use ChatFriends?

People use ChatFriends for many different reasons, from making new friends online, to be part of community because of a shared interests. Sometimes people join because of being socially isolated due to health reasons.

Many people have been chatting since the main explosion of chat rooms in the late 1990's when CB radio died out, and the AOL and Yahoo chat experience was the place to hang-out online.

Today, not much has changed apart from the technology, and speaking of tech, our members know our website works on 99% of their smart phones and tablets, plus, they love being part of our friendly and safe chat room community that differ from the rest.

From Another Chat Site?

If you are part of another online community and fancy a change for any reason, then it's time to register with ChatFriends. When chatting online, we think you think you deserve the best.

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New Member Appreciation

To say thank you for signing up to ChatFriends, we offer all newly active chatters a FREE 7 days VIP with no obligation to purchase after. Remember, ChatFriends basic services will always be FREE to use!

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