Staying Safe Online

Helping you to stay safe whilst chatting online. Whether it's at ChatFriends, or on another chat room website, your safety must always be paramount.

The online safety of our members is important! We have been operating for a few years and have sadly seen how a very small number of people operate.

We're not going to lie to you, not everyone online is genuine and their intentions are not always good. From online trolls and expert scammers, to romance and dating scams, we ask all our members to stay vigilant. Please remain cautious when speaking to new people, or even current members you have been talking with for a while.

Our chat room has been designed to the highest standards with various security implementations to protect members, but the best security comes from using a common sense approach.

Stay Anonymous

Make sure your username or about me profile content does not contain any identifying information about you. Example: First Names/Surnames or Birthdates.

Strong Passwords

Always use a strong password when registering with ChatFriends. We also suggest never use a password that is connected to other online accounts you may have.

Report Scammers

Chat rooms are a very common place for scammers to operate. If you suspect you are trying to be scammed or someone else you know, please contact us immediately!

Never Send Money

Do not send money or give your bank details to anyone! ChatFriends and it's moderators will never ask you for your bank details or request money from our members.

Password Sharing

Never reveal your password to anyone! The ChatFriends team or moderators will never ask for your password. Again, we suggest you use a different password from other online logins.

Clicking Links

Always be cautious when clicking external links from known or unknown members. Sometimes links can contain websites to Malware that are designed to steal passwords or install Viruses.