Create Your Own Community

Sit back and relax in your own chat room. Bring your friends over to your own little safe space online, managed by your own team of friends or family.

With a ChatFriends VIP account, you have the privilege of running your own chat room community. As a chat room owner, will be in charge of your room, and responsible for choosing your own admin and team of moderators.

Check out some of our chat room ideas below. If you would like to learn more on running your chat room, drop us a line and we will be more than happy to help.

Hobbies & Pastimes

Love a bit of fishing? What about metal detecting or shooting? You maybe a collector of certain items? Whatever you do, why not create your own hobby or pastimes chat room.

Spiritual Awakening

Going through a spiritual awakening? Your sudden expansion, or shift in consciousness is the beginning of your spiritual path. Are you considering helping others? Extend your path here!

Pets & Animals

Are you a serious animal lover? Our pets will always win over our hearts! So, why not create a new animal community just for awesome pet owners who truly adore their animals?

Conspiracy Theories

Now, this chat room topic could go on forever! From the recent evidence suppression of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena to the next virus outbreak, we'd love to see a community like this.

Self Improvement

Build up a chat room community for people interested in self improvement. Offer self help advice and guides for your new members in a safe and friendly chat room environment.

Cooking & Baking

Love being in the kitchen? Grab your tablet and get connected to people who also have a passion to cook and bake. Share new dishes and recipes with your community members.

Frequently Asked Questions

A few FAQ's for our members who create their own chat rooms.

For the safety of our members, we only allow VIP subscribed users to create their own public or private rooms.

Yes. It will be your responsibilty to look after your members. You will have the tools to create an admin and your own moderators, should you decide to have them. You or your team will be also be responsible for the up keeping of the room, example: Muting, Kicking and Blocking members.

You can add a welcome message by typing: /topic your welcome message here. You can also personalise your message by adding the following code: %user% which will include the users name in the welcome message. Example: /topic Hello %user%. Welcome to YOUR ROOM NAME. Please introduce yourself to our room. You can also add a link in your welcome message. This maybe a Patreon, Justgiving or your own affiliate link.

Yes, as a room owner, you are allowed to change the preset station. To do this, open your room settings menu, and choose from the pre-selected radio stations list and press save

At this current time, ChatFriends does not offer direct URL's to rooms. But we will be offering this service in the near future. Members can search for rooms using our room search whilst being in chat or through our welcome lobby.

Our moderators may check in on a room from time to time. They will never be intrusive, and are only there to make sure you are safe, and the rules of ChatFriends are being adhered to.

If your chat room is empty, it will automatically delete after seven days of non use. If you need your room to be closed straight away, please an email to ChatFriends team. You could also change your password, preventing users from joining your room if needed.

You are very welcome to use a password to protect your new shiny chat room. VIP members can have the ability to create a Public password protected room and a VIP password protected room. Don't forget to make sure your password contains letters and numbers for extra protection.

We currently offer the following functions when creating your own chat room: Upload your own picture icon to your room, add a description, Add a password, Choose your own admins and staff, choose from Public, VIP and password protection. You can even choose your own radio station for your members to listen to.

If you create your own room for VIP access only, then your members will need to purchase a ChatFriends VIP membership to access your room. This does not apply when you create a public room, non VIP members are can access any room that has been made public and does not contain a password.