Frequently Asked Questions

We've got answers to all of your questions, well most of them..

ChatFriends requires everyone to be 18 years of age or older. Users found to be below this age will have their account banned. If you suspect a member or guest is below this age, please report their post and username to a moderator, or through our online contact form.

For safety reasons we have turned off our private messages by default. This helps protect our VIP members from spammers and non genuine users. To send a private message, basic members will have to purchase a VIP membership with a verified PayPal account. This can be done by pressing the VIP button on the left hand side tab of any chat room.

We are sorry you have had a bad experience on ChatFriends and we are always here to help. You can report a post by using our flag system. Each post contains a flag and when pressed, will give you an option as to why you are reporting it. To report a member, please use our contact form whilst logged in. After mailing your report, we suggest you add this member to your ignore list. You can do this by clicking on their profile, and then clicking the action button. Once clicked, you will be able to then press the ignore button. We also have the option to hide such message should they ever occur.

VIP membership prices can be found in our VIP section at the top of this page, or if you are using a smart phone, you will need to click the three white lines on the top right corner. You can also see our current membership prices whilst being logged in to ChatFriends via the left hand menu VIP link.

Your email address is perfectly safe and remains only visible to you from your ChatFriends profile. (Not even Moderators have access to your Email address) Regarding Email security, we will never share or sell your details with any third parties.

There could be several reasons why you have been banned from ChatFriends. These can include; being from a country that is not permitted to use ChatFriends, you have been kicked out before because of abusive posts or messages, sharing personal information in public, creating multiple user accounts, you have uploaded content which is offensive, or not allowed within our site. All Mutes/Kicks/Bans may not always contain a reason, but will always be final. (Your profile, images, email, and user information will be immediately deleted)

For the protection of our members, we do not allow users to hide their IP address! This helps ChatFriends remain a safe and secure community and should the need arise, we can offer a users IP address to local serving constabularies.

If you have forgotten your password, you can use our password recovery on the login page. Our system will then assign you a temporary password to login (check spam/junk folder). As soon as you have logged in, you can then change your password from your profile page. For member security, passwords can only be changed with the password recovery system.

ChatFriends is one of the safest chat room communities online. We only allow members basic access to certain features, for example: Private messages and private image uploads are turned off to non-VIP users.

To become a moderator, you will have to be a ChatFriends VIP member and have a good and long chat room rapport. Moderators are then voted in by our fellow moderators.