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The best senior chat room

Looking for a safe place to relax and chat to other senior chatters? Then you have come to the right place! ChatFriends has one of the best senior citizen chat rooms on the web and we invite you to come along and try us.

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What is ChatFriends senior chat like?

All of our chat rooms are friendly and new members are always warmly welcomed. If you have not used a chat room before don't worry, there is always someone around to offer a helping hand. Senior members hold weekly bingo games and there is always something to talk about. We offer all new senior members a free VIP trial which allows you to further interact with our community.

Safe and secure chat

When using ChatFriends, we take the safety and privacy of our members very seriously. We only allow VIP users to private messages other VIP members and our advanced software blocks bad connections from popular scamming countries, making you feel safer whilst chatting online.


I was using another popular senior chat room which was too heavily moderated
After switching to CF, I now enjoy chatting in a more relaxed environment.

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